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80s Timeline

I spent some time this weekend researching different web-based tools for creating timelines, after getting an idea for a project I might want to propose at work, when I came across this. I remember when I was in college, and 1989 was winding down, my friends and I were all kind of struck by the fact that the first decade we could remember from it start was coming to an end. I’m sure we all said we felt “old.” at the time.

So, children of the 80s, how much of this stuff do you remember? Anything left out that you’d want to add.

At this point I think “old” is relative, but when a decade of your life becomes nostalgia fodder…well, that’s something.


  1. I’d add Madonna’s controversial debut of “Like a Virgin” at the first MTV Video Music awards in 1984. Also, Michael Jackson’s hair catching on fire when filming the Pepsi commercial, as well as his first moonwalk on television in ’83. Is breakdancing in there?

    I miss the Eighties sometimes.

  2. I feel old now that I can say something was “twenty years ago” and remember it as though it were yesterday. Gah!