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There’s No Time Outs in the White House

This is the weakest shit I’ve heard in a long time.

Republican John McCain said Wednesday he is directing his staff to work with Democrat Barack Obama’s campaign and the presidential debate commission to delay Friday’s debate because of the economic crisis.

In a statement, McCain said he will stop campaigning after addressing former President Clinton’s Global Initiative session on Thursday and return to Washington to focus on the nation’s financial problems.

The Republican presidential hopeful called Obama before he made the statement and told him he was going to suspend his campaign, according to a McCain senior adviser.

Message: What is John McCain afraid of?

Message: John McCain has no message on the economy.

Message: A president can’t postpone a crisis while he gets his act together.

Message: There’s no time-outs in the White House

Message: John McCain isn’t ready to talk about the economy.

Message: John McCain doesn’t want to talk to you about the bailout.

If I were Obama, I’d stand in front of a camera and say something like this.

John McCain can’t wait to get back to Washington. The people he wants to talk to about the economy and the bailout are in Washington. The people he wants to hear from about the economy and the bailout are in Washington. The people John McCain thinks are dealing with the economy and will deal with the bailout are in Washington.

I guess John McCain has forgotten his own words. It’s easy to be in Washington and frankly be somewhat divorced from the day-to-day challenges people have. Like I said before, if all you do is walk the halls of power, all you’ll hear is the wants of the powerful.

John McCain can go back to Washington and talk with the people he thinks are dealing with the economy and will deal with the bailout. But you know and I know, the people who are really dealing with the economy, and the people who who are really going to pay for the bailout are out here in the rest of America, going to work, paying their bills, taking care of their families, and it’s getting harder for them to do it.

Let John McCain go back to Washington. Until I get a call from the Senate that it’s time for a vote, I’m staying out here to talk to you and listen to you, because the real economy isn’t in Washington, or on Wall Street. It’s right here. 

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  1. dang! that sounded like a real stump speech… if you are not a political operative, you should definitely looking into another line of work! *smile* if the Obama camp were to lift your speech, his poll numbers would definitely get a bump… because that was the most thorough and concise reason for staying out of washington while congress pisses away another $700 billion of taxpayer money!