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Hubris, Bellicosity and Fear – H.D.S. Greenway, International Herald Tribune:

In 1914, the world went to a war that nobody really wanted in which “miscalculations, hubris, bellicosity, fear of looking weak” led to World War I.

What could have better described Bush’s war of choice in Iraq? Hubris, bellicosity, and the fear of looking weak, we now know, all played roles in the decision to invade, but miscalculation trumped them all.

Dems Should Make Bailout Bill More Progressive – Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive:

David Brooks called people who voted against the bailout “nihilists.” Matt Lauer suggested that anyone who voted against the bailout bill did so to get political cover.

But there were sound reasons to vote against it.

Not on the Republican side, where those who worship the golden calf of the free market want no government intervention at all.

This is a time for government intervention in the economy. The free market has proven to be incapable of policing itself or of functioning rationally.

On the other hand, progressive Democrats were absolutely right to object to the kind of bailout that Paulson was forcing upon us.

Time for a Taxpayers’ Revolt -Medea Benjamin and Arun Gupta, The Progressive:

Congress will be voting this week on the biggest give-away of our tax dollars to the financial sector in our nation’s history. Despite attempts by legislators to portray this as a compromise bill that helps both Wall St. and Main St., in reality it represents an appalling transfer of wealth upward.

The Virtual Economy – Joan Z. Shore – The Huffington Post

Economics is neither a science nor an art — it’s a tool, and like any tool it can be used to create or destroy.

It can also become rusty, broken or obsolete.

And that’s where we are today, peering in confusion into a toolbox that doesn’t contain one single implement that will fix the damage.

The Robber’s Cave and Higher Ground – Joan Borsysenko, The Huffington Post:

Like it or not, as the old saying goes, we are all Bozos on the same bus. If it crashes, liberals and conservatives will perish together. If it brings us to higher ground, we will all thrive together and bring our children and grandchildren with us.

Marriage Equality in Peril – John Ireland, In These Times

If the Religious Right seemed suspiciously quiet recently in the fight against same-sex marriage — get ready for a battle royale.

Conservative groups like Focus on the Family and the American Family Association put up a relatively weak fight when Massachusetts established same-sex marriage rights. Even San Francisco’s attempt at marriage equality in 2004 yielded mostly tame and disjointed protests.

But now that the California Supreme Court has ruled that barring same-sex couples from marriage is unconstitutional, the Religious Right’s top brass is galvanizing its funding base. It has reportedly summoned vast armies of “prayer warriors” to win the battle once and for all.

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