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Digest for October 2nd through October 5th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for October 2nd through October 5th:

  • Fourth Wave: How many times have you seen this today? – The Palin-Fey juxtaposition is disconcerting, even for me, and I’ve been reading all the political blogs and The New York Times and The Huffington Post. I recognize that Palin is grossly inexperienced, that I do not agree with her on a single issue, that her stance on abortion frightens me, that her “tolerance” of LGBTQ “lifestyles” infuriates me, that her disregard for the environment is mind-boggling, and that her version of women’s rights is not just nonexistent but regressive. And yet, as Le Loup-garou reminds us, the association with Tina Fey’s brilliant parody still manages to make her seem funny instead of downright terrifying. Don’t get me wrong. I think satire is important. But it’s not SNL’s job to make Sarah Palin look bad or good or scary or anything. SNL is just supposed to be funny, to hold a wavy circus mirror up to our already twisted contemporary political landscape and let us laugh a bit here and there. And maybe that’s enough–to expose and magnify the inconsistencies and the incompetency and the obvious ploys that distract us from actual policies and beliefs. But the tenuous boundary between what’s funny and what’s real is something we should keep in the back of our minds while we’re guffawing over Queen Latifah as Gwen Iffil and her raised-eyebrow disbelief at Palin-Fey’s antics.
  • Sarah Palin is a Bitch… there I said it. « Margaret and Helen – Who can turn the world on with her smile? Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? Well it’s NOT you girl… Look. I am going to say what everyone at CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC is thinking but is afraid to say. Governor Palin is a stupid, conniving bitch. And it’s not because she is a strong woman – I like strong women… worship them… It’s actually the opposite. She is a weak, pathetic woman who thinks big hair, winking, baby talk and self deprecation is somehow becoming of a woman who wants to lead the free world. My god, where is Margaret Thatcher when you need her!
  • ACLU Blog: Because Freedom Can’t Blog Itself: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union » When Will We Learn? The Many Failings of Abstinence-Only Programming – In addition to being vulnerable to attack under the federal Equal Protection Clause, as the authors meticulously detail, these programs are also subject to challenge under state constitutions and state anti-discrimination statutes.For example, some state constitutions contain explicit equal rights amendments that require state courts to engage in a higher scrutiny of sex-based classifications than what is demanded under the federal Constitution.Moreover, many states prohibit sex discrimination in schools under either a statute that applies specifically to the public school setting, or under a statute that prohibits discrimination in public accommodations. This gender discrimination is part and parcel of an overall discriminatory scheme:by definition abstinence-only-until-marriage programs exclude lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth because the federal definition of marriage is limited to a man and a woman.
  • Palin: Another Sociopath | PEEK | AlterNet – But there’s something about Palin’s speeches and interviews that I’ve found unnerving, and this morning I finally realized what it is. She never, ever talks about the future. Ever. One would think that the mother of four children, including an infant, and the soon-to-be-grandmother of another infant, would use her “hockey mom” persona to frame her ticket’s agenda as creating a better world for her children. Barack Obama does it when he talks about his daughters. Joe Biden does it when he talks about his grandchildren. Even Hillary Clinton, a woman who Sarah Palin makes look like Mamie Eisenhower by comparison, did it. Sarah Palin doesn’t. And I think I know why. It’s because Sarah Palin doesn’t believe there is a future.
  • Op-Ed Columnist – Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain – – We are not a nation of whiners, as Phil Gramm would have it, but the G.O.P. is now the party of whiners. That rebranding became official when Republican House leaders moaned that a routine partisan speech by Nancy Pelosi had turned their members against the bailout bill. As the stock market fell nearly 778 points, Barney Frank taunted his G.O.P. peers with pitch-perfect mockery: “Somebody hurt my feelings, so I will punish the country!” Talk about the world coming full circle. This is the same Democrat who had been slurred as “Barney Fag” in the mid-1990s by Dick Armey, a House leader of the government-bashing Gingrich revolution that helped lower us into this debacle. Now Frank was ridiculing the House G.O.P. as a bunch of sulking teenage girls. His wisecrack stung — and stuck. Palin is an antidote to the whiny Republican image that Frank nailed. Alaska’s self-styled embodiment of Joe Sixpack is not a sulker, but a pistol-packing fighter. That’s why she draws the crowds and (as she puts it) “energy” that otherwise elude the angry McCain. But she is still the candidate for vice president, not president. Americans do not vote for vice president.
  • Why I Trust Barbara Lee – Jack & Jill Politics – The Congressional Black Caucus is split on this issue and they shouldn’t be. Most of them have districts that were the hardest hit by foreclosures, job losses and any other economic calamity you can think of, yet most of them voted to pass bills like the Bail out, the equally god-awful Bankruptcy Bill a couple of years ago, and they continue to vote money to fund the clusterf–k that is the Iraq War. The fact that majority ReThugs sent this bill to defeat only speaks to the fact they got bombarded with phone calls, emails and faxes from their districts, putting them on blast that if they voted to bail out Wall Street, they could pack up their offices in DC because they wouldn’t be returning for another term. Boehner can blame House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech all he wants (like a lil’ byotch blaming his mama); guess he thought he’d break into tears on camera and ruin his make up tan and eyeliner on cue. Let me not get started on what pissy lil’ whiny ass tittie babies the majority of the Republicans are and have been of late.
  • This is NOT a Pleasant Man . . . – Jack & Jill Politics – Joy Behar (lol. . . yes . . . I am going to quote The View) said it best: It’s like McCain can’t distinguish between an adversary and an enemy. Obama is McCain’s adversary . . . a terrorist is McCain’s enemy. Does McCain know the difference??? Sorry, but I need a President who understands that difference. Otherwise, how should I expect McCain to work with a Democratic Congress? How can I expect transparency in government if McCain wages war on the media? Not a good look.
  • Hope vs. Fear — In These Times – One thing is certain: either Senator Barack Obama’s race will prevent him from being elected president, or it won’t. I wonder about this not just as an African-American citizen and voter, but professionally, as the legislative and political director of a union that endorsed and supports his campaign.

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