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Digest for October 6th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for October 6th from 00:16 to 00:19:

  • Positive Liberty » The Problems that Human Beings Get Ourselves Into – This topic illustrates why I don’t get bloggers like Clayton Cramer who seem so obsessed with problems in gay culture (yes there are problems) that he acts like that fact alone can be used to condemn homosexuality (but we know the condemners invariably have preexisting religious convictions against homosexuality that they are trying to justify). The Clayton Cramers of the world might have a point if heterosexuals like Christopher Buckley weren’t also always getting themselves into trouble. It’s that intractable thing called human nature, especially sexual nature (see also of recent note John Edwards and Bristol Palin).
  • Cyberbullying Will Stop When Adults Level With Their Kids – Mashable – No, no, none of that “my Mom and/or Dad want to be my friend on MySpace and Facebook” stuff. That’s borderline nonsense. Rather, elders need to be familiar with such services to the point that a conversation, a real-world, kitchen-table conversation, can be established about them. Some adults may have no desire to do so, but children naturally recognize this disinterest, and it only makes it less likely that if problems do occur, children will have the inclination to bring them to parents’ view. Given enough time, fixing a situation can be a major undertaking. With plenty of pills in the middle. If parents swallow some of their pride and their fear of their offspring, a psychological jump can be made there. If the jump proves successful, on the other side of the divide is trust. And trust dictates behavior.

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