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Suddenly, It’s Lunchtime

I’ve got at least three actual pieces of writing I’m working on. One that I’ve been working on for the last few days, and two more that cropped up as a result of my news/blog reading. But I’m facing the reality that I may have to abandon all three.

I spent my morning doing  this.

Copying and pasting other people’s writing and ideas, and distributing it to tens of thousands, instead of working on my own. It’s what I do every morning, and by the time I’m done it’s time for lunch. And by the time I get back, if there’s time to write at all, the day will be half over. (I’ve left out the part about the daily conference call — which I’ve stopped participating in unless told to — where I get to listen to several other people talk about what they’re going to write about that day. Of course, it’s their job to write about stuff.)

I’ll have to choose between writing and catching up on reading about what’s going on in the world. Of course, if I chose the latter, I’ll probably find that somebody has already written what I was going to write, and said what I was going to say. So, what’s the point of writing about it when I can just …

And save the time and bandwidth I’d spend saying what what’s already been said, by effectively just saying “What he/she said.”

I might also find something new to write about in my reading, but the reality is (again) it’ll be some time before I get to write about it, and most likely it won’t be newsworth or relevant by the time I get around to it, and I won’t be saying anything that hasn’t already been said, etc.

The weekend is already packed. Swimming lessons, soccer practices, play-dates, birthday parties, grocery shopping, etc. And then it’s Monday again.

So, of the three posts I’ve been working on, two of them will expire in terms of timiless, etc., by the end of the day. (Based on my work-related reading this morning, one of them already has, and you can get the gist of what I would have written by reading the previously posted digest.)

I’ll probably abandon at least one of them. But maybe I’ll have time to write the other one after lunch. This is all I had time to write before lunch. ..

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