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Man who killed wife over Facebook posting jailed for life | UK news |

Announcing your relationship status via Facebook? Not a good idea.

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  1. I know your comment is a little tongue in cheek, but in the light of October being Domestic Violence Awareness month, I have to just say the problem is not facebook, it’s domestic violence. This woman did not cause her own death through a facebook status update; please let’s not blame the victim. Her murderer caused her death by attacking her. It’s likely he would have found “cause” to murder, rape, beat, maim, or otherwise abuse her without facebook. Hearing a rumor or seeing her talking to another man could have triggered him. Whatever it is, it’s not her fault, because she has the right to live her life without threats of violence.

    Ultimately, the responsibility to control himself is his, and thank goodness he got life in prison. But I urge you not to use victim-blaming language. It’s like me saying, “Acting gay in rural Tennessee? Not a good idea” and linking to part of your Hate Crimes series.