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Don’t Let This Be You

Because it definitely won’t be me. If you’re on MoveOn’s email list you’ve seen this video, but I’m sharing it anyway, because it’s a pretty funny, cool way of getting across how important it is that everyone vote.

Damn. It would suck to be me, wouldn’t it?

When I was in Denver I heard Rep. Jan Schakowsky speak, and she reminded the audience that but for 537 votes in Florida Al Gore would have been president. What if, she asked we’d registered that many or more? What if we’d walked another precinct, knocked on more doors?

Well, there’s no way I’ll forget to vote. For one thing, my polling place is just a couple of blocks from my house. We’ve even talked about taking Parker with one of us to the polls, so he can see the voting process. (He insisted on voting in Nickelodeon Kids Pick the President. And yes, he voted for Barack Obama.)

Plus my parents drilled into my skull the importance of voting, and the people who sacrificed so I can vote. In fact, my dad always said, “If you can’t find someone to vote for, find someone to vote against. But vote.”

So, this won’t be me. Don’t let it be you.

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  1. Oh, no. I’ll be there. Matter of fact, I’m just trying to decide when is going to be best. Fulton County’s ballot is over 50 pages long this year, and people have been reporting averages of two hour waits at early voting sites. I don’t know whether to go next week to one of the newly-opened locations, or to wait until the day itself (it could happen that everyone votes early and then there’s light turnout on 11/4). I could just about roll out of bed and hit my polling location … so it’s hard to say, but it will happen, one way or another. My grandmother would haunt me otherwise. I learned a few years ago that Mema had Betty Friedan come to speak to her gardening club. I think I recall Mom saying that she was a member of the League of Women Voters. My Mema was awesome. 🙂