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Erasing History

I was catching up on my news reading when I came across this article about the premier of Oliver Stone’s W., and this quote from Stone himself.

W. - Beyaz Saray

Stars of Oliver Stone’s latest film, W, have turned out in London’s Leicester Square for its European premiere.

No Country for Old Men actor Josh Brolin plays US President George W Bush in the film chronicling his rise.

British actress Thandie Newton also appears as US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Stone said President Bush “had left us in a dark hole”, but he wanted the film to help people understand more about the man himself.

…”It’s a great story,” he said. “This guy changed history. We underestimated him.

Josh Brolin stars as US President George W Bush

“He took over the world stage and pushed the extremists’ buttons.”

Yeah. I guess he changed history. You might even say he obliterated it. Or at least presided over its obliteration.

For some reason, Stone’s comment reminded me of the looting of the Iraq National Museum during the invasion, and how there was no plan (and not enough troops) to prevent it.

When you think about virtual erasing of history — the disappearance of artifacts from a place that’s considered the cradle of civilization — and the loss of knowledge, and of objects that can’t be studied anymore because they’ve been smuggled into the hands of “private collectors.”

And the Bush administration? Their response?

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We didn’t give a shit.


  1. Josh Brolin evidently tries to make a statement with his movies, such as in No Country for Old Men, which makes him pretty well suited for making something like ‘W.’

  2. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but really looking forward to watching it one of these days…

    As far as changing history — I think everyone would agree GWB changed history — whether it’s for the better or for the worse, no one really knows (Though, at the moment, most people would agree it’s for the worse). Curious how history would see GWB — the great visionary or the man whose obsession over Iraq almost destroyed the U.S. economy and brought economic and political chaos to the world?

  3. GWB definitely changed history and continues to do so. The fact is that we all ‘change history’ in our own ways. The great power wielded by GWB caused, and continues to cause, intense waves of force thrashing about around the world.

    That is the world in which we all live, inherited (at least in part) from GWB’s thrashing. This history is not fixed. We in the present continue to define the affects on the world from his myopic destruction. So in that way we are all responsible for creating the ‘history’ of GWB. And of course those taking the most benefit from his actions hold more responsibility. In plain terms they are more connected to those actions, so their responses have more power to affect.

    Will we come to recognize the depths of the ignorance and arrogant destruction that has ripped at our world and more fully understand and respect the inherent connectedness of of our global community? Or will we follow our leaders… continually pushing for group superiority, control of resources, and economic dominance?

    Good for Stone to show us Bush’s inner workings. Now we must create the history.