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OK. Not that we didn’t already know this, but they have none.

Leaving no potential avenue of attack unexplored, the Republican National Committee has decided to bash Barack Obama over his October visit to see his ailing grandmother in Hawaii.

Of course the visit itself is not being criticized, but rather the way the campaign paid for the nominee’s unscheduled detour. On Monday afternoon, the RNC blasted out a complaint from the California Republican Party charging that “Obama for America violated federal law by converting its campaign funds to Senator Obama’s personal use” for the trip. That proposed issue for the FEC to investigate is one of five violations alleged by California Republicans in their complaint (which you can read in its entirety here).

“Senator Obama recently traveled to Hawaii to visit his sick grandmother. This was the right thing for any grandson to do — at his own expense — but it was not travel that his campaign may fund,” said California Republican Chairman Ron Nehring in a statement Monday.

And then there’s the question of class…

They’re short on that too.

Can you imagine this on our side: enjoying the death of say McCain’s mother or Palin’s grandmother and speculating that it was timed for election eve?

Inconceivable. That is because liberals just don’t think that way. And a few of these rightwingers don’t either. But the majority clearly does.

Lucianne Goldberg, who owns this website, once told my son she would have to shut down the site if Hillary or Ted Kennedy died because the amount of celebrating would embarrass her.

I guess she didn’t expect that the death of an old lady, who happens to be Obama’s grandmother, would also set off that reaction. (Actually, these folks loved the death of JFK,Jr. too. I remember that). Also, see Fox news comments.


When I first heard the news, I thought to myself, “I can only imagine how the Republican base will respond to this, given what we’ve seen and heard of them in the lasst couple of months.” (I’m working on a post-election post about that.) I even thought about checking in on the Freepers, but I didn’t have the heart.

To her credit, Ms. Goldberg shut down the thread.

POSTSCRIPT: Lucianne Goldberg shut down the thread: “Reply 35 – Posted by: LComStaff, 11/3/2008 5:47:22 PM

We are going to close this post. It is bringing out the worst in some of us.”

The sad thing, of course, is that Goldberg had to close the thread down to to stop the viciousness. But I give her credit, all the same. She did exactly what she said she’d have to do if one of our liberal icons died and her people celebrated.

Not only that, but she removed the post altogether. While I understand her reasoning, I think it’s a disservice. By the time this election is over, we might be able to argue that the best thing the McCain/Palin campaign did for the country was appeal to overtly to the basest of their base, and thus shine a spotlight on them. They’re not representative of all conservatives, I know, but they are the Republican base —the people whom Sarah Palin was picked to appease and to fire-up. And boy did she.

The problem Republicans may be facing today is that Americans got a good, long look at the Republican base and decided they don’t want those people to influence policy or represent Americans.

So, with a little help from Google cache, I resurrected the Lucianne.Com post. Readers

You can also download it in PDF format here.

Some highlights.

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From under the bus to in the hearse the day before the vote…how convieeeeenient. I hate to think I’ve become so jaded by this creep that I wouldn’t put it past him to time the announcement for maximum political effect. But, unfortunately I have.


Having him for a grandson sure wpuld have killed me.


Anyone here know when Barry last took his kids (not to mention his wife) to visit their Great Grandma? I’ve often wondered if his girls have ever even MET his Granny. Anyone here know?

Doubtless most people here would have brought your kids to visit with you if you thought your Mom or Grandma were dying. I know I would.


I’m sorry Granny passed away. It has to happen to everyone. Perhaps he can take more care of his Auntie in Boston. Hire an immigration attorney, perhaps?


OK, actually reading the statement, the following information is NOT revealed… WHEN she died. The story only says that Obama made the announcement today. I would bet my bottom dollar she died a few days ago and this announcement is, just like everything else about the man, a political tool. Show me the death cert and while you are at it I could stand a good look at the birth cert of Obama too


Victim #1 of Obamacide.

Likewise the Fox News post, though it hasn’t been “disapeared” yet.

Obamas Grandmother Dies on Eve of Election - FOXNewscom-Election

And here’s more highlights.

I find it convenient that one of the only remaining family members who know the truth about Obama’s birth place is now dead. Sure she was suffering from cancer and conveniently died in her sleep… anyone else think there might have been some foul play??? Obama was not born in the US, therefore he is not qualified to be president… not to mention the host of other reasons.


The Presidential election is over! It’s done! Obama is won. His grandmother has succeeded in giving her grandson her last wish by destiny. She submitted her vote for him and she placed the icing on the cake by passing away “early” on the eve of elections. Just enough time to melt the hearts of those who were undecided for today. The postings and media coverages exposing her accomplishments throughout her life as a dedicated and hardworking “pure” American capped Obama’s campaign at the very end. It can’t get better than this! Welcome President Obama!


She wasnt pro abortion enough………


RIP. Of course ­ if she was also pro ­abortion she has much to answer for.


If liberlaism like Obama spreads today was around in 1961­ he’d have been in a dumpster behind an abortion clinic. Sorry to hear your gramma died Obama. She did such a good job raising him after his atheist mother and useless father abandoned him.

Why should stuff like this disappear down the memory hole?

If, as I’ve read in some places, America is deciding with this election not just who it wants to be president, but what kind of country it wants to be, shouldn’t they see this stuff?


  1. Wow that’s evil. Wow.

    God, I hope he wins.

  2. The hatefulness is obvious, and so is the stupidity.

  3. Obama said his surprising victory in Ohio vindicated his faith in America. Yet, stuff like this, among with many other blatantly racist Youtube videos of McCain/Palin supporter at a Palin rallies that I’ve seen are enough for me to lose any and all faith in America…. Now if Prop 8 in California passes, I might seriously consider moving to other country and give up my U.S. citizenship.