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World’s Sexiest Candidate?

OK. I know I posted this picture a while back, and I know that Virginia Republicans were seriously working the “Hooters Demographic” with Palin, but I honestly don’t get it. And it has nothing to do with my being gay, believe me. I can spot, and appreciate a gorgeous, sexy woman as well as anyone. (It’s just that I’m not going to want to sleep with her, so much as take her out for lunch and maybe a little shopping.) When it comes to celebrities women like Angela Bassett, Catherine Zeta-Jones can stop me in my tracks.

But what, please somebody tell me, what is sexy about Sarah Palin?

ImageEven with the presidential election over, Sarah Palin remains a prominent figure. From her hairstyle to her politics, America has been and remains obsessed with the female politician who seemingly came out of nowhere. And while some debated her political platform, others were more preoccupied by her sexual identity. From a Palin sex doll to an homage adult movie, the sexualization of Palin won’t quit. Most recently, writer Rachel Kramer Bussel created Sarah Palin Erotica, a site dedicated to erotic stories about the former Republican vice presidential candidate. After the jump, an interview with Bussel that reveals why Americans can’t get over Palin.

F: Why do you think Americans are so sexually fascinated by Palin?

RKB: I think first it was because of her looks, but almost immediately her story, wild as it was, entranced people. Even those of us opposed to her politics couldn’t help but be captivated, and part of that captivation is her sexual allure. That doesn’t necessarily mean we all want to have sex with her (just to be clear, I don’t), but we want to know more about her, including what she’s like in bed. I read a UK reporter likening her to Princess Diana in terms of her appeal to the crowds. She’s brash, outspoken, gutsy. She’s a woman and a mother, in so many ways highly traditional, and yet totally not. I think she set off a lot of hot buttons around women’s roles in the home and workplace, as parents, and as sex objects. This story we’re hearing about her breezing into a hotel room dressed just in a towel — that’s not erotica, that’s real, yet it could be straight out of the story “The World of Men” by Delilah T. Jones.

I think we were fascinated by her, too, because she was so sure of herself, even when, perhaps, she shouldn’t have been. The sheer gumption she needed to push her way to the top is part of the charisma a good politician has, and that’s sexy. For many of us, her accent, her pushiness, her look were all things that made us wonder what made her tick. I think for any public figure, or authority figure, we wonder whether their sexual persona, what they do in private, what turns them on matches or is opposed to their public persona. For some of us, they’re exactly the same; for some, they’re different.


Nah. Still dont’ get it.

Don’t get me wrong. Sure, she’s pretty. But, as a old boss of mine told me. “Cute may get you in the door and buy you some time, but eventually you’re gonna have to know something.” So, maybe that’s what I don’t get. She pretty, but she’s just pretty. Maybe its a combination of beauty, strength, intelligence and integrity that qualifies as “sexy” in my book.

In that case, give me Michelle Obama any day over Sarah Palin. Now, there is one strong, smart, and — yes — sexy lady.  She’s pretty, but no one can say she’s just pretty. Michelle Obama can actually “bring something to the party.”Maybe that’s the difference. She managed to get herself elected governor of Alaska. I don’t know enough about Alaskan politics to know how difficult or easy that might have been. But she was plucked from there to to the national political arena because … why?

Was the McCain campaign making a cynical ploy for Hillary Clinton’s female supporters? When Palin was announced, my first thought was “If I were a woman, I’d be insulted.” I checked with a couple of my female coworkers and they were insulted. Clearly, the McCain campaign wanted a woman, but not a qualified woman. There were several in the Republican party who were qualified, but the wouldn’t pass muster with the the party’s right wing in the ideology department.

Either way, Palin was never in the same league with Clinton, who mounted a historic campaign for the presidency, somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 million votes, and worked for every one of them. Palin, on the other hand, went from small town mayor to governor and, after a short time in office, was plucked from obscurity and planted on the national stage by John McCain.

That’s why there was more than a little painful truth in that Saturday night live skit.

That’s why the look on Katie Couric’s face during the Palin interview was easy to translate.

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Palin always reminded me of those girls I went to school with who were pretty enough but never “all that.” Yet because they were pretty they were popular, and because they were pretty and popular they could get away with being a little mean. Sometimes more than a little.

She also reminded me of them because, with those girls from my school days, I always wished they would move aside a bit so I could get a better view of their boyfriends, who may have been as dull as rocks, but were damn hot. Much as I hate to say it, I had to work hard to resist developing an attraction to Todd Palin.Not too hard, though. He’s actually scarier than he is hot.

And though I’ve been resisting getting crushed out on another candidate, as I’ve said before, our president-elect is kinda hot himself. And way hotter than Todd, too. For the same reason.Beauty is only skin deep, after all. But sexy is to the bone.

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  1. Sexy is not just an attitude. There are people who just exude sex appeal even when they aren’t putting an effort. There is the sensuality which she Palin doesn’t exude much because she is trying not to be too be. Mae west exuded sex appeal sensuality. This is what someone a woman I knew told me about what she learned while being an advanced Spanish student.

    she was very very fluent in Spanish but that was intellectual. When she walked it was like a board kinda stiff. When she went on an exchange a spanish woman told her she walked like a board, stiffly and was told to appreciate Spanish culture she had to walk moving her hips more which is in line with sensuality. sensuality comes from inside too and wriggles and giggles alone is not it.