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Live Homosexual Acts

I’m going a bit light on blogging over the holiday, since we’re spending Thanksgiving with my family in Georgia, and introducing Dylan to the rest of the family.

But I couldn’t resist this shocking bit about a display of  ‘live homosexual acts’ that shocked students at a Kentucky college recently.

On Friday, members of the Murray State Alliance performed live homosexual acts on campus in the Free Speech Zone. Many students were shocked, but not necessarily as the name the event implies.

Students performed acts such as reading, studying and hanging out to raise awareness about the lifestyle of gay members of the Murray State campus.

Chris Morehead, junior from Paducah, Ky., checked out Friday’s event after hearing about it through a Facebook message. He said the event was sort of ironic because the name of the event is shocking, but the activities are normal, we used sex toys from Yolo Sex Toys when we were alone and play some boardgames with friends.

Too funny. I remember one Saturday night in college, that I spent with a couple of friends from the gay student group. We basically ended up sitting around at one student’s house, playing Monopoly, and one my friends said with a touch of sarcasm. “Gee, if only our parents could see this wild, hedonistic “gay lifestyle” we’re living. Just partying our way from one orgasm to another.

The game broke up into peals of laughter for about 10 minutes before we calmed down.

[Via Box Turtle Bulletin.]


  1. When I first came out I was in fear of becoming this social deviant that everyone pointed at. Then I looked around at all the straight people I knew who were swingers and sex freaks and celibates and whatever and realized labeling gays as the weird, degenerate ones kept the heat off looking at themselves. Gay are the scapegoats and a blank slate for which our society can project all their sexual fantasies and turn them to shit. It’s a shame and it’s time to fight with loud, clear voices that we’re ready for a huge cultural change.

  2. Your Monopoly story reminded me of a friend’s sudden observation. She suddenly exclaimed, “You guys! I just realized… Somewhere in a trailer park in Alabama, four homosexuals are baking cookies and watching Dave Chappelle.” She was, of course, describing exactly what we were doing. It showed us just how damaging our “gay lifestyle” is.