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Cluster Bomb Nation

Back in May of this year I asked, “What the matter with US?”

And by “US” I mean the United States.

Why can’t we get behind this?

This, at the time, was treaty to ban cluster bombs,adopted by over 100 nations at a conference in Dublin, Ireland. The United State of Dubya was not among the 100+ plus nations that agreed to the treaty.

I ask then and I ask now: What the fuck is wrong with us?

Because now the treaty is finally being signed by those 100+, but for some reason the United States doesn’t want to ban cluster bombs.


The first of more than 100 countries have begun signing a treaty to ban current designs of cluster bombs, at a conference in Oslo, Norway.

Campaigners are hailing the treaty as a major breakthrough.

But some of the biggest stockpilers, including the US, Russia and China, are not among the signatories.

First developed during World War II, cluster bombs contain a number of smaller bomblets designed to cover a large area and deter an advancing army.

But campaigners, including some in the military, have long argued they are outmoded and immoral because of the dangers posed to civilians from bombs that do not explode and litter the ground like landmines.

[Pic via il signor F @ Flickr]

Here’s how they work.

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And here’s what they do to the children who find them

So, again, what’s wrong with us?

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