The Republic of T.

Black. Gay. Father. Vegetarian. Buddhist. Liberal.


  1. Thought bubbles:

    George H.W. Bush: This was *surprisingly* fun. I didn’t think it would be.
    Barack Obama: Lord, I haven’t even been sworn in yet and I’m doing idiotic photo ops in the Oval Office.
    George W. Bush: This picture gon’ really enhance my legacy. I can’t look any more presidential than this.
    Bill Clinton: I sure had some fun times in THIS office.
    Jimmy Carter: Can we get down to business. I’ve got some ideas about the Israeli-Palestinian situation I want to share.

  2. George Bush Jnr: Daddy. Don’t Look Now. There’s a black man standing between us!
    George Bush Snr: Shut Up Son, You are an embarrasment!
    Obama: Slumming it! Do Wop De Wee! Ooh !’m Slumming it! Ahh Ah Ah
    Bill Clinton: Memories, Monica Blowing me. Memories, Lewinskies Great Big Mamories.
    Jimmy carter: Don’t you forget about me!

  3. Bush/Bush Jr.: Ha ha, Blue Ties win!
    Obama: See, I can reach across the aisle.
    Clinton: Can I get a cocktail?
    Carter: I’m too old for these games.