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Bottle Blondes Banned

This story about schoolgirls banned from school being ‘too blonde’, though probably not funny to the students involved, brings a joke to mind.

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QuickPost Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!Raegan Booth, 16, and Aby Western, 15, say they were threatened with expulsion by David Alexander unless they dyed their hair brown.

The girls claim they are being forced to adhere to the strict dress code of Rednock School in  Dursley, Gloucestershire, in order to sit GCSE exams.

But Raegan remains adamant that her hair is a natural shade of blonde.

She said:’The school rules clearly state that there are to be no “unnatural” hair colours on students.

‘Unnatural hair colours are blue, purple, green and bright red. Blonde is considered a natural hair colour and there are many different shades.

She’s got a point. Like I always say, it is a natural hair color. After all, it occurs in nature. Just not on her head.

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  1. Meh. Dress Codes. I would have found every way possible to break them. “Oh no I don’t want my kids exposed to THOSE kinds of people.”

    Bah. Btw, can you pass the peroxide?