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Keep Josef Fritzl Alive

Apparently Josef Fritzl is on suicide watch. Good. They should definitely stop him from committing suicide. The man who imprisoned (enslaved, actually) for 24 years, raped and impregnated his daughter, and killed one of the seven children he fathered by her is experiencing some “deterioration” in his mental state after sitting through her 11-hour taped testimony.

Prison authorities in Austria have intensified their suicide watch over Josef Fritzl, amid fears that the convicted child killer and rapist will try to kill himself after receiving a life sentence for abusing his daughter for 24 years.

…Patrick Frottier, an expert on the suicidal behaviour of prisoners, in particular convicted sex offenders, kept a watchful eye on him throughout the trial, observing every gesture.

He is now overseeing an intensive therapy programme with Fritzl, and has avoided all contact with the media for fear it would compromise the treatment.

It is to Frottier that Fritzl turned after being devastated by the taped testimony of his daughter, which was delivered to the court last Tuesday. Frottier was in court to witness the most dramatic point in the four-day trial, when Fritzl turned to see his daughter Elisabeth, flanked by two medical minders, sitting in the public gallery where she had slipped in to watch the in camera proceedings. He burst into tears, according to his lawyer, Rudolf Mayer, and later that night told Frottier that he intended to plead guilty to all charges because, he said, for the first time he had realised the full horror of what he had done. “It’s truly devastating what I saw there,” he said of the 11 hours of testimony in which Elisabeth detailed her ordeal.

Good. That suggests he might still have some remnant of a conscience left. If so, he’s at least somewhat more aware of the full impact of what he did.

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Good. Let him spend whatever time he has left living with it. That’s about as just a sentence as can be handed down.

One Comment

  1. because, he said, for the first time he had realised the full horror of what he had done.

    Oh, good heavens. He must think the authorities are idiots, and he may well be right.

    Is he really claiming that he only just realized fully what he had done? That in some way he didn’t grasp the full reality of what he had done during the twenty-four years he was doing it?

    Horror, schmorror. The man is simply a sociopath. He knew exactly what he was doing all that time — there’s no way he could not have — and he liked it. He’s just claiming otherwise in hopes of getting better treatment now that he’s been caught.