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Dead Wrong

Speaking of Natasha Richardson’s death, this — besdies being wrong, as she was likely brain dead before being put in the plane to New York, that her family might gather around her at the end — is dispicable, and the lowest thing I’ve seen or heard from the right since, well, November.


  1. Yes, and all these type stories keep skipping the part where Natasha Richardson herself waved off treatment — as, I must admit, I would have done too, in her place.

  2. I think most people would have. Think about. You’re on vacation with your family. You have a clumsy fall, and bump your head. But there’s immediate signs of injury. You’re able to get up and walk away. You’re not bleeding, etc.

    Like the Newsweek writer said, most people — parents in particular — would probably wave off any suggestions to go to a hospital. “Oh, it’s nothing. I just fell and bumped my head. I feel silly, but I’m fine. No need to stop everyone’s fun over it.” There was no apparent reason for anyone to think it was serious

    But with the kind of injury she had, by the time symptoms appear it’s pretty much too late to do much of anything. There were reports that she was already brain dead when she got on the plane. There are observers who saw her placed on the plane, accompanied by her husband, unconscious and obscured by numerous tubes, suggesting she was already on a respirator and no longer breathing on her own by then.

    This was not a desperate race to get her better quality care. This was a journey to bring her home and keep her “alive” long enough for her family to gather and say goodbye.

    To make it more than that is, frankly, disgusting.