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Washingtonian’s “Can’t-Miss Clicks”

Given the slowdown in my blogging in the past year — and the accompanying slide down “the long tail” — I don’t look to be included in many “top blog” lists or “can’t miss” blog lists. I’ve stopped checking. So, I couldn’t have been more surprised when a neighbor clued me in that this blog was recently included on just such a list.

I’ve never an anonymous as a blogger. (I figured, I’d either be found out or give myself away eventually.) But I’m not exactly “out” in our neighborhood as a blogger. Unless it comes up in conversation, I don’t usually bring it up. Besides, anyone who Google’s my name will figure it out pretty quickly.

This weekend, one of our neighbors babysat while we had a night out at a fundraiser for Parker’s school. When we returned, she asked me, “Do you write a blog, by any chance?”

I said yes, and she showed me a copy of The Washingtonian and said, “I think you’re in here. This description just sounds like you.”

“What?!” was my response. Like I said, I’ve been slowly sliding (back) into blogging obscurity this year. So, I was a bit surprise. But sure enough, there it was. Right in their article on the best local websites and blogs, in the most recent issue.

I’m under “Parenting 101.”

Republic of T ( The blog’s tag line (“Black. Gay. Father. Buddhist. Vegetarian. Liberal”) says all you need to know about the author, who lives in Maryland and brings a heartwarming yet opinionated perspective to raising an adopted child with his partner.

Actually, it’s “children”, not “child,” since Dylan joined our family. The Washingtonian might have missed that, but I’m not complaining. In fact, it’s nice to be considered and and included. Very nice, indeed.

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