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New Look

This blog has gone through some changes, lately. Last Sunday, a scripting problem led my host to lockdown the directory where the blog lived. And lock it down permanently, because I reopened it before contacting them, as requested in an email I only half read before acting.

I seriously considered packing it in, at one point, tired of fighting against an ongoing decline. It came down to a choice between the frustration of not writing much at all, and writing just enough to frustrate me even more — because I’m unable to make it as much of a priority as I’d like to.

And because as long as I’m doing it at all, part of me is going to keep trying to reaching for the chances I missed. Reaching, that is, and falling short, because I’m at a different place in my life now.

So, I obviously chose the latter (but not necessarily the least of the two frustrations. And maybe with a side of therapy.

In the meantime, after a few years, I decided it was time for a new look. I came across the Aerodrome theme a while back, and like it’s simplicity and the ability to change the background photo. It seemed like the right choice.

And I found several photographs I liked for the background, but chose to go with one from Flickr, called “lomo buddha.”

Image Hosted by

I’m sure I’ll change the background whenever I find something I like. At this point, at least that’s something I can change.

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  1. Just do what you can do.