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Taking a Swing at Sotomayor?

Good grief. First the New York Post and now this?

Some Hispanics and advocates for women are criticizing an editorial cartoon that depicts Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor as a strung-up pinata that President Barack Obama is inviting Republicans to whack.

The cartoon by Chip Bok of Creators Syndicate ran in The Oklahoman on Tuesday. It shows Obama wearing a sombrero and saying “Now, who wants to be first?” to a group of elephants in suits holding sticks. The underline says, “Fiesta Time At The Confirmation Hearing.”

Jean Warner, chair of the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition, said there was nothing funny about the image.

“Here’s a woman wearing a judge’s robes and she’s about to get the crap beaten out of her because she has the audacity to think she can sit on the Supreme Court,” Warner said. “But most young girls who look at the cartoon, don’t even understand that. They just see guys with sticks about to hit a woman.”

I mean…are you kidding me with this? It’s going to be a long eight years, folks. Very long.

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  1. I know! Seriously! I mean, “Won’t somebody think of the children?” Really? I was not aware that our primary metric for political discourse was whether or not it could be properly understood by little kids.

    Sounds like somebody has a really bad case of the literalisms. Take two tablets of irony and a dose of metaphor and chill the hell out.