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OK. Just Please Don’t Rap

Aw, man. First K-Fed and now this?

Levi Johnston is now officially an aspiring actor and model. And according to his new manager Tank Jones, he is getting closer to a clinching a deal that will help him support the baby son he fathered with his former girlfriend, Bristol Palin.

“There’s offers on the table for a little bit of everything – sitcom appearances, a reality show, some modeling,” Jones tells PEOPLE. “We haven’t signed anything, but there’s offers.” Jones declined to give specific details.

Johnston’s interest in a show business represents one of the few viable careers open to him, Jones adds. A high-school dropout passionate about hunting and hockey, Johnston, 19, “is going to go and take the test and finish school and enroll in some college courses,” his manager says. “[But] it’s not like he can go and get a normal job now. Because of all the publicity. The whole interviewing thing, and red carpet and paparazzi – he still hasn’t gotten comfortable with it, but what else does he have? Can he go work at McDonald’s? … He wants to take care of his son financially.”

OK. I understand. He was rescued from bad hair by the McCain campaign. He was rescued from a shotgun wedding by Obama’s campaign. I suppose now the guy’s gotta do something. Plus, he’s young amd relatively easy on the eyes.

If he has some talent, that’s a bonus. I just ask one thing, don’t even think about making a rap cd. OK?

Still, I’m getting tired of people who are apparently famous either for how much they’ve reproduced or with whom.

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