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Twitter Updates for 2009-06-20

  • Curious about: How do you deny your kid water, get some for yourself, and then not give her any? ( ) #

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  1. OK, I realized everyone wants to hate her but I can totally understand what’s going on there. I assume they are sitting there while they wait to go live to interviews for whatever show that was. The kids are bored and Maddy is complaining. Maddy is always complaining. (just my observation having watched the show a handful of times) If she gives Maddy a drink, not only is she playing into Maddy’s whining ‘pay attention to ME’ game, suddenly *everyone* will want a drink! The pile of mostly orderly kids sitting and playing will become a crazy swarm of whining, fighting, pushing, crying kids grabbing at one water bottle and probably spilling it everywhere…Just in time for the live shot to start!

    She’s not telling them they can’t have any water, in fact, she’s asking the staff if they could please arrange for everyone to get a drink after the next segment. They probably have a cooler of sippy cups nearby, there just isn’t time for a family water break in the 30 seconds before they had to be on the air. I can understand that, maybe it’s just a different perspective as another mother of a mob, but I totally see what’s going on and I don’t fault her a bit!