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Black Man 101 Continued?

I read the headline "Police use Taser on deaf, disabled Alabama man," and once I saw his name I thought the guy was probably black. I was right. If I’d known about what happened to Antonio Love, I’d have added him to the previous post.

Antonio Love’s family members say Mobile police went too far. "Tony," as he is known, said he was sick and went into a store to use the restroom. The store manager called Mobile police after Love had been in the room for a while.  If police knocked on the door or called for him, he had no way of knowing. Love is deaf.

Love described how things unfolded. His brother interpreted for him. "He saw smoke. He said, ‘What’s that smell?’ He started putting water on the floor and tissue trying to block the smoke out. He put water on his mouth and face and started to hold his breath."

What Love described was pepper spray. Police sprayed it under the door before breaking the door down.  Love said he had no idea what was going on as the smoke poured in and the bashed-in door hit him in the head.

Things quickly went from bad to worse. His brother translated, "Tased him in his chest. He was shaking saying, ‘Stop! Stop!’  He couldn’t move. They dragged him from the bathroom to the front."

Love was tasered three times, before police got him out of the store and realized he was deaf after finding a card in his wallet about his handicap. He wasn’t arrested, but he was taken to jail, where he stayed until 4:00 p.m. The incident happened at 11:00 a.m.

I’m sure there will be more details forthcoming, but this sounds horrific.

If nothing else, Antonio Love can be glad he’s not this guy.