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Vladimir Putin Shirtless, Again

I was wondering why this post was suddenly getting so many Google search hits.

Now I know.

The Russian prime minister was photographed engaged in a series of adventurous activities including riding a horse bareback and climbing trees in southern Siberia.

In the latest of a series of media stunts Mr Putin was snapped striding through grassy fields wearing ankle high boots, an Indiana Jones style-hat and green fatigues while visiting the remote Russian region of Tuva.

The Russian premier camped out overnight, rafted down the region’s fast flowing rivers and visited a traditional farmstead, according to Russian news agencies.

Mr Putin’s day of activities were described as a “holiday” by state media but was clearly aimed at reinforcing his tough-guy image that plays so well at home.

I guess anytime this guy want to score media points, he strips off his shirt…

One Comment

  1. Too funny – I’m guessing that the inverse (on the Google hits front) would be true for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper but I’m betting he has an undershirt welded to his skin somehow so we’ll probably never know for sure.