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How Soon They Forget

It would be funny, if it weren’t so unspeakably pathetic, and if it didn’t illustrate so well how the Republicans have pretty much stuck themselves with the “tinfoil hat brigade” for a base.

So the disinformation and outright lies about health care reform have been flowing like the usual never-ending stream of bile from the right. Health care reform will kill grandma. Obama’s using health care reform as reparations. And, my favorite, health care reform is really “Tranny Care Reform.”


I took a whiff of my right arm underarm this morning, and had no idea that I was smelling what ObamaCare smells like. Or should I say, the armpit of my right “chicken wing” smells an awful much like what Taxpayer-Funded Tranny-Care would smell like, and this stinkiness is at the heart of the ObamaCare healthcare reform plan.

And on top of stinking like my armpit this morning, ObamaCare “Obama’s Tranny-Care” looks an awful lot like me too…except, umm, circa 2004. Who knew? (Hey — couldn’t President Obama use a more current picture of me? I’m thinner and cuter now, thanks to Bush’s “Tranny-Care” healthcare plan!)

Autumn Sandeen: The Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’s Poster Child For Obama ‘Tranny-Care’And yet apparently, President Obama has been working diligently behind the scenes to fund genital reconstruction surgery — apparently this was all part of his evil plan from the get-go. From Peter LaBarbera’s Americans For Truth About Homosexuality comes an article entitled Taxpayer-Funded Tranny-Care? ObamaCare Could Mandate Free ‘Sex-Change’ Surgeries

So, the Obama administration does what Obama campaign did. Enlists it’s supporters to fight the smears.

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care.  These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation.  Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

Like a twisted game of Telephone, “If you hear misinformation about health care reform, contact us so that we can respond with the facts,” goes into the conservative conspiracy-the0ry fever swamp and comes out like this.

By late yesterday, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) was asserting that the White House wants Americans to report on each other. Today, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) appears to have completely lost his mind.

Cornyn says this practice would let the White House collect personal information about people who oppose the President.

“By requesting citizens send ‘fishy’ emails to the White House, it is inevitable that the names, email, addresses, IP addresses and private speech of U.S. citizens will be reported to the White House,” Cornyn wrote in a letter to Obama. “You should not be surprised that these actions taken by your White House staff raise the specter of a data collection program.”

Cornyn asked Obama to cease the program immediately, or at the very least explain what the White House would do with the information it collects.

This is what politics in America in the 21st century has come to.

Indeed. When in the history of these United States has a president asked Americans to spy on each other?

Oh. Wait. The Obama White House isn’t doing that. It was the Bush White House that told Americans to “watch what they say.”

The presidential press secretary, Ari Fleischer, condemned Bill Maher’s irreverent comic response to 9/11 by reminding “all Americans that they need to watch what they say, watch what they do.” Fear itself—the fear that “paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance,” as FDR had it—was already being wielded as a weapon against Americans by their own government.

Remember TIPS?

For nearly ten months, civil libertarians have warned that Americans’ constitutional rights are being sacrificed in the name of the post-Sept. 11 push for improved national security. Now, a broad array of rights activists are attacking a Bush administration plan they claim would prod postal workers, utility employees and others to spy on their fellow citizens. The Justice Department appears to be backing away from earlier, more aggressive and detailed descriptions of the program, known as Operation TIPS, but groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Lawyers Guild claim the information-gathering initiative still represents a potential threat to Americans’ civil rights.

“They certainly could use individuals who are participating in Operation TIPS to go into somebody’s home using a good ruse, a good story and collect information without a proper search warrant, without a proper subpoena or court ordered warrant,” said Beth Givens, director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in San Diego, California.

The program, part of the Citizen Corps initiative introduced by President Bush in his State of the Union speech, has been described by federal officials as nothing more than a “national system for reporting suspicious, and potentially terrorist-related activity.”

In an earlier press release, federal officials announced that the initiative would enlist as many as one million truck drivers, letter carriers, utility workers, train conductors, ship captains and other “well positioned” private citizens.

Remember the PATRIOT Act letting the government read over your shoulder?

A member of the American Library Association has sued the Justice Department to challenge an FBI demand for records, but the USA Patriot Act prohibits the plaintiff from publicly disclosing its identity or other details of the dispute, according to court documents released yesterday.

The lawsuit comes as Congress prepares to enter final talks over renewal of the Patriot Act, a counterterrorism law that was overwhelmingly approved after Sept. 11, 2001. But parts of the law, including provisions that could have an impact on libraries, have since come under fire.

Justice Department and FBI officials have repeatedly declined to identify how many times Patriot Act-related powers have been used to seek or obtain information from libraries, but they have strongly urged Congress not to limit their ability to do so.

The suit, originally filed under seal in Connecticut on Aug. 9, focuses on the FBI’s use of a document called a “national security letter” (NSL), which allows investigators to demand records without the approval of a judge and to prohibit companies or institutions from disclosing the request. Restrictions on the FBI’s use of NSLs were loosened under the Patriot Act.

Not that Americans needed any such program post 9/11. The Progressive’s McCarthyism Watch is full of stories of like:

I could go on, but this stuff is pretty well documented from the past 8 years.

Oh, and guess who was all for it at the time.

If nothing else, Republican Senator John Cornyn is an irony producing machine. During the Terri Schiavo affair, the former Texas Supreme Court Justice was at the forefront of the GOP campaign to intimidate and threaten judges. Now after his fierce defense of President Bush’s regime of illegal NSA domestic surveillance, Cornyn is comically warning that the Obama administration has launched a sinister “data collection program” to promote health care reform.

Back in December 2005, Cornyn dismissed the New York Times’ revelations of the Bush administration’s warrantless eavesdropping program. Regurgitating the same “Give Me Death” defense offered by colleagues Pat Roberts (R-KS) and Jeff Session (R-AL), Cornyn sneered:

“None of your civil liberties matter much after you’re dead.”

Alas, that was then and this is now. Now, there’s a Democrat in the White House, one who’s trying to overcome Republican obstructionism on health care reform.

How soon they forget. Or they’d like to.

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  1. So from your article, you agree that Obama’s effort to spy on citizens is bad, as Bush’s effort was.

    Why don’t you call Obama out for his actions ?

    Aren’t they both in the wrong ?