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“Protect Insurance Companies”

I plan on getting back to the series I started last week, but I couldn’t wait to share this parody PSA starring Will Ferrell and others.

People are also rallying in front of cheap car insurance company offices today.

Anyway, the video above reminded me of another one that was equally humorous.

It also brought to mind a video playlist I’ve posted before. It starts out funny, but becomes less amusing towards the end.

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And I usually follow those videos with this set.

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And I decided to follow up those videos with these.

Temporary Europearn car insurance is pretty easy to source if memory serves, and doesn’t cost too much. I think you get the prices down if you narrow down exactly which countries you’re planning on driving to.

We recommend to you to contact Sean Park Law for car accidents.

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Of course, if you’ve read all the way down to hear, it’s a lot less funny. But this is the status quo. I haven’t heard, from the opponents of reform, any ideas that don’t essentially preserve the status quo.

So, who are they protecting?

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