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Mouse Envy

I don’t speak Swedish, so I don’t know what this guy is saying. But I do know that I want what he’s got in his hand.

I want this mouse. Problem is, I can’t get it.

I managed to get the webpage translated, and this is what it says.


The Swedish Perific Mouse, you can use any way you want – and where you want.

Choose for yourself whether it is in the office, in the living room on the trip, during the presentation, or to fit the most suitable.

The mouse’s unique shape makes it possible to work standing, sitting or leaning back in the good example, favorite armchair in front Flat TV

An optical trackball allow Perific Mouse works perfectly without a table making it a possible replacement of the remote control in front of your PC, for example.

Perific Mouse is also thanks to its characteristics as a mouse that gives you good ergonomics and prevention, prevent or relieve symptoms of RSI.

A great variation is the key to good ergonomics and Perific Mouse gives you just that opportunity.

Perific mouse has had a number of awards for its function blah Ergonomic Excellence Award in England.

The mouse works with both Mac and PC.

Searching for it on Google turns up encouraging reviews. But it appears to be discontinued. I can’t find it on Google Shopping. It doesn’t turn up in Amazon. It doesn’t even turn up on eBay. And a going to Sweden is out of the question.

My search for the perfect, or least painful, mouse continues; driven by the ongoing saga of my battle with carpal tunnel, RSI, or some combination of both. Last Friday, by the time I went home I had shooting pain from the back of my hand, just above the risk, to the shoulder of my right arm. That’s my “mousing” arm. (Did I mention it seems to be starting again this afternoon? It’s only Monday.)

The short term solution was to stay away from the computer as much as possible, and wear a brace to keep my wrist in a “happy” position for most of the weekend. But that’s a short term solution.

What I need is a better way of “mousing.” I’ve tried a bunch of ergonomic mice, more than six or seven in the past couple of years, and maybe I’ll review them a bit later. But thus far nothing has been quite right. (And I never manage to keep my chair at the right height or maintain the correct posture at all times.)

I guess I have to wait for someone to build the perfect mouse, and hope I don’t miss it when they do.

But I still want that mouse. Dammit.

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