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Don’t Know? Don’t Care? Or Don’t Care To Know?

House Republicans have presented a health care reform “plan” that doesn’t fix our broken health care system (but might make it worse), and (according to the CBO) doesn’t do much to fix the deficit conservatives say they’re so concerned about.

So, is it a surprise that Rep. Steve King (R-IA) doesn’t know how many people in his district are uninsured?

These are not hard questions. Congress is in the middle of hammering out health care reform legislation. Your party is finally getting around to presenting its idea of a health reform plan.

Is it that he doesn’t know, doesn’t care, or doesn’t care to know and thus hasn’t bothered to look? The answer is pretty easy to find: 83,000.

Does he know, I wonder, how many of his constituents are on this list?

Probably not. His fellow Republicans apparently don’t care to know.

So: Doesn’t’ know? Doesn’t care? Or doesn’t care to know?

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