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A Conversation with the Lost

I often say that there some people who just aren’t wort talking to when it comes to politics and social change, because they are never going to be on your side. But Shannon’s conversation with two right-wing protesters at Atlanta Pride has got me reconsidering that. [Via A World of Progress]

As I was leaving the park, I saw the two men again at the exit.  One was an angry, obese man and the other was a young guy who didn’t seem quite as hate-filled.  I’ll call them Angry and Young.  Angry was still shouting out to people, “You’re WICKED!” and I just decided to speak with them to see if I could get them to embrace their hypocrisy.

Me: Do you honestly hope to draw anyone here to Jesus Christ with these tactics?  You both embrace the love of law more than you embrace the law of love.  Jesus never did anything like this.

Angry:  “Yes he did!  He went on an angry rampage!”

Me: He did go on an angry rampage at the temple because they had allowed it to become a money machine where people were selling goods for worship and price-gouging people who had to come from afar to pray and offer sacrifices.  He was disgusted by how the priests allowed it to become a business, not a house of worship and praise.  His anger was directed towards the church, and I have a sneaking suspicion he feels the same way about it today.”

Young: The Bible says that…

Me: The Bible says, in James, that true religion is this: to visit the widows and orphans in the time of their affliction.  When was the last time that either of you visited widows or orphans in the time of their affliction?  And be honest because God will hold you accountable for every word that you utter on judgment day.

Angry: (crickets)

Young: What do you mean?

Maybe it’s just a question of how you talk to them. I’m not sure I’d have been cool-headed enough to pull this off. Read the rest. It’s well worth it!

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