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Twitter Updates for 2009-11-14

  • Reading: "Can Happiness and Parenting Coexist?" Answer: Sometimes. on Fluent News #

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  1. I think that the man writing this needs to step out into the real world. This utopia parenthood is true a miraculous 5% of the time if the world can be so lucky.
    Parenting usually, first, brings stress. This stress slowly eases and the patents enjoy a temporary relaxing feeling of being kids again. Then, stresses at work at childrearing conflicts between the two parents takes it’s toll. One of the parents usually clink to the children and block the other parent out as a result. The seperated parent must overcome feelings of unworthiness, jealousy and rejection that usually ends in lonliness. Utter lonliness. Void of a spouse needing them or their children needing them. Thus can lead to bitterness. Infidelity or divorce.
    Divorce can be hard for the kids, but their homelife slowly reveals itself to be happier when you subtract two adults at each others throats.
    Diviorce, in many cases should be welcomed by society if the 2 parents have decided that is what’s best for their children.
    Divorce has suddenly become more of a blessing than a taboo. That’s why most people are divorced.
    Overall, it’s Gods desire that children are taken care of and raised to be good people. This does not require that parents stay together. Most of the time, it’s probably the opposite.
    As for those couples-gay or straight- who are happily married, and children born into their home brings more and more happiness to them- I hope that they decide to have a dozen more:) If they are blessed with happiness then God must want them to raise children and stay together. Happiness as a couple is rarer than the writer of this article knows.