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I Got A Name (But I Don’t Want It)

File this one under “Can’t Blame ‘Em.” One of Madoff’s daughter-in-laws says her kids shouldn’t be burdened with the Madoff name.

What’s more, her husband doesn’t disagree.

Pic img Madoff Attends Court 2785

One of Bernard Madoff’s daughters-in-law says she and her children shouldn’t have to bear the burden of his name.

Stephanie Madoff filed court papers in Manhattan on Wednesday asking to change her last name to Morgan. She made the same request for her two children.

She’s married to the jailed financier’s son, Mark. She says her family has gotten threats, and she wants to drop the Madoff name to avoid “additional humiliation” and harassment. Her lawyer declined to comment.

Mark Madoff says in court papers he doesn’t object.

Like I said, I can’t blame her.

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