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Not much in the way of posts today (busy with work and family, etc.), but this slideshow presentation of “Teabonics” struck ma as worth sharing.


Ninth grade English teachers avert you eyes now! Middle school graduates, too. What you are about to witness is a crash course in how not to do grammar, courtesy of Tea Partiers from all over these fine United States. This is not for the faint of heart.

What’s there to see that’s so bad, you ask? A better question might be this one: what’s missing?

Answer: apostrophes in the right place. Words spelled correctly (creative interpretations of “socialist” include “scholiast” and “socilist”). An ability to master the subtle nuances of your/you’re formations. Etc.

Finally, I have something in common with the tea partiers!


  1. “TEABONICS”: Linguists are calling this New English Language Vernacular a Phenomenon that is Sweeping Across America.

  2. So, do you think if we emphasize the importance of spelling correctly earlier, we’ll have fewer of these folks later?

    A girl can dream. 😉