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Gunman in Silver Spring

OK. I don’t know what to make of this, but the hubby just called and told me, and the news confirmed that a gunman has barricaded himself at the Discovery Building in Silver Spring.

A barricade situation involving a gunman who may have taken at least one person hostage has been reported at the Discovery Communications Building in Silver Spring, Md.

Police have shut down several roads, including Georgia Avenue, around the building at One Discovery Place.

All employees at One Discovery Place have been alerted to the incident and are seeking shelter or have been evacuated from the building.

Hazmat teams, bomb squads and SWAT teams have been called to the building.

The Discovery building? Why the Discovery building? My guess is either a disgruntled former employee or a domestic issue or stalker situation between the gunman and the hostage.

TBD says the suspect is an Asian male, and that at least one witness says 4 to 5 shots were fired. Police couldn’t confirm whether the shots were theirs or the gunman. The Discovery daycare was evacuated and all 100 kids where are reported to be safe.

I may be wrong about my initial guesses. DC 9 links to this list of demands allegedly from the gunman.

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