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Unplug Your Shredder

Parker recently learned the word “overprotective” and now sometimes jokingly says I’m, well, overprotective. Whatever, but if I can keep my kids from getting hurt I’m gonna do it. Case in point: the shredder. I read a while back about the dangers paper shredders pose to kids and pets. Since then, I’ve kept ours unplugged. We plug it in, use it, and then unplug it again. Stories like this one about a 4-year-old who turns on paper shredder and sticks his fingers inside remind me why that’s a good idea. I’d like my kids to keep all their fingers.

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  1. Terrance –

    My shredder has a finger sensor that automagically stops anytime your hands get near the blades. It’s a pain in the butt sometimes, but it seems to be a reasonable alternative to identity theft..