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Please Help Find Octavius Howell

Via Jack and Jill Politics comes this alert to help find a missing child: 11-year-old Octavius Howell.

Miami-Dade police issued a plea to the public on Saturday to help find a missing 11-year-old child.

Octavius Howell, who is just shy of 5 feet tall and 80 pounds, was last seen Friday at the Madison Middle School at NW 10th Avenue and NW 90th Street.

He was wearing a red polo shirt and khaki pants.

People with information are asked to contact Miami Detective Javier Soto at the Miami-Dade Police Special Victims Bureau’s Missing Persons Unit, 305-418-7201 or 305-476-5423.

The bureau issued a photo of the boy to accompany its alert.

Rikyrah at JJP added this

This case has so far gotten the attention of and a Justice for Cayleee (Caylee Anthony) web-board, but I’ve heard nothing else. I have an 11 year old, and I know if this were my son, I’d want all the help I could get.

It’s almost axiomatic that black missing children get far less media attention than those who are white, and while all of these cases are important and urgent, I think we all can do more to make sure that media exposure, which is so helpful in solving these cases, gets shared equally.

Any bloggers who can pick this up, that would be greatly appreciated, I’m sure, by the police and by this child’s family.

In fact, when I looked for information Octavius Howell, I found one news article, and no video from local news reports. I did, however, fine a slew of blog and forum postings. As with Tamika Houston and Latoyia Figuoera, perhaps more attention in the blogosphere will lead to more attention in the media.

With so little information, it’s impossible to guess what’s happened to Octavius Howell. He was last seen on Friday, so perhaps there’s hope that wherever his is and whatever happened, he’s still alive and can still return to his family. Like Rikyrah said, as a parent I know I’d want all the help I could get to draw attention to the case, if one of my children were missing.

The only thing worse than having a child missing is not knowing what’s happened to them, and being powerless to help or protect them. For the family’s sake, please help if you can. If you can help, either by re-posting or passing the above information along, please do so. And, of course, if you have information pertinent to this case please contact police at the numbers above.

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