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I’m Still Tired Of Being In Pain

Well, per yesterday’s post, today was a better day pain-wise. I can’t say it was pain free, and may have to start standing up on the bus in order to ensure things don’t go downhill before I get to work. But, the day I had yesterday gave me an incentive to get

I visited my primary care doc today, to talk to him about pain medication. I also told him about the day that I had yesterday. Basically, it was too painful to sit at my desk. I spend part of the day sitting on the floor of my office, and most of the rest sitting in the lunchroom with my feet in a chair and a laptop on my lap.

The worst part is, once the pain starts it pretty much stays with me all day. Yesterday, I laid on the couch for several hours after the kids went to bed, before the pain subsided.

The doc told me two things.

  1. He said that opioids are reportedly not all that effective when it comes to joint pain like what I’m experiencing. I found at leas one study to back that up. I was worried about the likelihood of becoming dependent, but that’s not going to be an issue. If those meds don’t work any better than acetaminophen — which does nothing for me and is about as effective as popping jelly beans — then I’m not going to bother taking it.
  2. He seemed to think — given how much pain I’m having, along with its frequency and intensity —   that my best option might be surgery.


I’ll admit, I tend to want surgery to be my last resort. Mainly because it scares me a little. I’ve never had any kind of surgery. (Unless getting my wisdom teeth removed counts. I’ve still got my tonsils and my appendix, tho’.)

The doc assured me that the surgery wasn’t at all traumatic, as it’s arthroscopic.

Admittedly, it doesn’t look at all bad.

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Still, I’m interested in the alternative of euflexxa injection.

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Still, it may not work. And even it it does, I’ll have to go back for more injections.

So maybe my doc was right. Either way I’m going back to the orthopedist this week.

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