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Big Oil Leaves The Money On The Dresser

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Republican Senators voted to protect oil subsidies — along with Democrats Mark Begich, Ben Nelson — and Mary Landrieu after getting big money from Big Oil. (How big? See here.)

GOP & Big Oil

On Tuesday night, Republicans in the Senate filibustered the majority’s attempt to repeal $21 billion in subsidies for the big five oil companies — the same companies that made over $30 billion in profits in just the first three months of 2011. While three out of four Americans believe ExxonMobil and the other oil majors should pay their fair share, instead of receiving taxpayer welfare,
the oil-friendly Senate split 52 to 48 to end the subsidies. Though the
majority of the Senate voted to repeal these oil tax breaks, the
procedural motion required a 60-vote threshold.

An analysis of campaign contribution records shows the gusher of dirty cash that fueled the filibuster:

A Center for American Progress Action Fund analysis finds that the 48 senators who sided with Big Oil received over $21 million in career oil contributions,
while 52 senators who sided with the American people received only $5.4
million in contributions. Each senator who voted for Big Oil received
on average more than four times as much oil cash as those who voted to end the subsidies.

After all, it’s just business. That is, if the first rule of your business is “Leave the money on the dresser,” and second is “No kissing on the lips.”

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