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Random WTF Moments

I’d love to make this a daily or weekly feature, but that depends largely upon how often I come across these things in my daily reading. That said, I’ll post ’em when I find ’em.

That said, this week turned out to be rich in WTF moments. And I don’t mean “Winning the Future”.


Example Sentences:

Boyfriend: I’ve decided to quit school and move to France.
Girlfriend: When?
Boyfriend: Tomorrow morning.
Girlfriend: WTF?

When our teacher told us we had a test tomorrow worth 75%, I was like “WTF“?!

WTF is going on?


WTF is often used when one is confused and angry

Thankfully, they’re all available on YouTube. The only question is: Which order should I post them in? From worst to weirdest? Or weirdest to worst?

This weeks weirdest WTF comes, appropriately enough, from GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

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OK. “Frisky” and Mitt Romney just don’t go together in a sentence. Or shouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been in D.C. for a while, and have had opportunity to run into many of Washington’s political celebrities in the flesh, so to speak. They’re surprisingly human off camera, usually.

It’s a bit different when someone you’ve seen only as a talking head or on a magazine cover turns out to be real after all. Sometimes their taller or shorter then they appear. Sometimes fatter, sometimes thinner. Sometimes unrecognizable.

Then there’s Mitt Romney. I saw him a few months ago, while having coffee at Starbucks with a friend. Mid-conversation I looked up and out of the corner of my eye saw this man standing in line at the counter. I’ll admit it. I was checking him out. (I’m married, not blind. OK?) I realized who he was when my eyes scanned up to his face.

Mitt’s pretty impressive for a guy his age. But I seriously doubt any of those waitresses grabbed his butt. Maybe he plans to outdo Obama in the beefcake department, in hopes the country will have the same kind of crush on him in 2012. Somehow I don’t see Mitt Romney getting anybody all that hot and bothered.

Besides, aren’t all of those waitresses old enough to be his daughters?

That was weird. This is worse.

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Fox Business host Eric Bolling is drawing fire for comments he made about President Obama on Friday.

On his show “Follow The Money,” Bolling criticized Obama’s visit with Ali Bongo, the president of Gabon, by saying, “Guess who’s coming to dinner? A dictator. Mr. Obama shares a laugh with one of Africa’s kleptocrats. It’s not the first time he’s had a hoodlum in the hizzouse.”

As he said “hizzouse,” a picture of rapper Common appeared on the screen. Common’s appearance at a White House poetry event drew loud complaints from conservatives.

Color of Change has a petition demanding Fox get rid of Bolling. It’ll probably get him a raise.

That was worse. This is the worst.

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a statement on Tuesday evening denouncing what could very well be the most outrageously sexist and racist ad in political history.

Earlier this week, the group Turn Right USA released a web ad that could double as a parody of race baiting and bigotry. The spot, targeting Janice Hahn — the Democratic candidate in a special election to take over Rep. Jane Harman’s L.A.-based House seat — spun a fairly uncontroversial attempt to have reformed gang-members draw current ones away from that lifestyle into tales of demonic violence, taxpayer subsidized rape and drug abuse.

Actually, this goes beyond WTF to another level altogether: WTFIWWY.

Three WTF’s. And it’s only Wednesday.

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