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Casey Antony Verdict Countdown

I haven’t written much about it but, crime buff that I am, I’ve been following the Casey Anthony trial pretty closely. The armchair psychologist in me was pulled in by the strangeness of both the accused and he family. Now, it seems there’s going to be a verdict in half an hour.

The 30 minute advance notice has been given for the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial. The verdict will be read at 2:15 p.m.

Court administration spokeswoman Karen Levey today gave reporters covering the Casey Anthony case a rundown of what will likely happen once a verdict is reached in the murder trial.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry will warn those in the courtroom not to express approval or disapproval with the verdict.

Then jurors will return to the courtroom and the foreperson will hand verdict forms to a court deputy. The judge will review the forms and then hand them to a court clerk, Karen Delpilar, to read aloud.

Perry will then have jury members polled individually to confirm that their verdict is true and correct.

If Casey Anthony is convicted of first-degree murder as charged, there will be a 48-hour break before the penalty phase of the trial begins.

If I had to hazard a guess….I’d say the jury won’t come back with a guilty verdict on first degree murder. Based on what I know of the evidence, the best I can say is that it’s highly likely that Anthony either killed her daughter or played a major role in her daughter’s death.

And, yes, I’m opposed to the death penalty. So, with the stakes this high, I think the state should have a huge burden of proof before it can take Anthony’s life.

Anyway, there are other charges of which the jury could find her guilty. This handy Casey Anthony trial sentence calculator give you the same list of options the jury has. By my calculation, if the find her guilty of all the lesser charges, her sentence could be almost seven years. Of course, they could find her guilty of none, or guilty of charges that would leave her with no sentence at all, if her 3 years behind bars are counted.

And it goes without saying that: (a) if Caylee had not been a cute, white toddler this case wouldn’t have gotten nearly the attention it has; (b) if I haven’t already included Casey Anthony in my “Poisonous Parenting” series, I probably should.

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  1. You mean that if it was three poor kids from rural nowhere, Michigan, that it wouldn’t be all over the television machine?

    May we one day live in a world where the value of human life is no longer defined by whether it pushes Nancy Grace’s buttons.