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Typical, isn’t it? The guy who spearheaded the fight to legalize guns in bars — at least in Tennessee — has been arrested for driving under the influence. That makes two things in his car that were loaded, because he was also packing heat.

A Tennessee lawmaker who was the lead sponsor of a law allowing permit holders to bring guns into bars has been arrested on DUI charges and possession of a gun while under the influence, The Tennessean reports.

Rep. Curry Todd, a Republican state representative from Collierville, was stopped by police in Nashville on Tuesday, failed a roadside sobriety test and refused to take a breathalyzer, according to court documents.

The newspaper says a loaded Smith & Wesson 38 Special was found in a holster stuffed between the driver’s seat and the center console.

“The subject was obviously very impaired and not in any condition to be carrying a loaded handgun,’ ‘the arresting officer says in his report.

Rep. Curry couldn’t be reached for comment, by the way. I just bet he couldn’t.

Curry’s gone from DUI to PUI (Possession of a handgun while under the influence).

Ever since that town in Kansas, I suppose we should be used to gratuitous lawmaking where guns and conservatives are concerned. Arizona almost allowed guns on campus, but the governor vetoed it, but other states may soon follow suit. Virginia students will be treated to a series of “campus safety” demonstrations organized by a group advocating guns on campus. Now there’s even a movement advocating guns in church.

Ohio legalized guns in bars this summer, as did Virginia. When taken in context with an utter lack of any agreement on what constitutes “reasonable restrictions” regarding guns or gun ownership, the push to allow guns in more places makes me wonder how many different ways this could go wrong.

Guns in bars seems like just asking for trouble. So, you’ve got people in place where they’re more than likely drinking. So, their inhibitions are lowered, their judgments impaired, and their reflexes dulled. And you think it’s a grand idea for them to be armed? I’m not saying everyone who drinks gets drunk, but it still seems like a recipe for having barroom brawls becoming barroom shootings.

Not that it couldn’t happen without guns in bars, but the guy who’s got to go back to his car to get his gun before he can shoot the guy he’s pissed with at least has some time to reconsider while he’s walking and fumbling with his keys. Maybe even enough time for someone to lock the door behind him and call the police. Definitely enough time for those patrons who’d rather not be in the middle of boozy firefight to head for the exits.

My guess is that the gun lobby’s answer on barroom shootings would either be something like “That’s the price of freedom,” or “That’s the risk you take with liberty,” or that some other bar patron can now draw and shoot the would-be first shooter before he gets off a round. (Which takes me back to impaired judgment, dulled reflexes, etc.)

But here’s what I wonder. We can require people to be licensed in order to drive a car, which means passing a test. We can require that those licenses be renewed. We can limit where and how fast they can drive those cars. So, what’s the deal when it comes to guns?

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  1. Why do people think that once the 2nd amendment is infringed, the other’s won’t be?

    First it’s just take a training course, then it’s take a specific state course, then it’s take an expensive course you need special permission to take, the end result is people then can’t own guns. because they can’t afford the course, or can’t get special dispensation to attend the course.

    This is how Govt works, that’s why the admendment says , “shall not be infringed”.

    Would you argue that dumb people couldn’t assemble to voice their opinions? or that honest citizens shouldn’t mind a random search? the amendments work to protect the citizens from a tyrannical Govt. What about the right to vote, shouldn’t you be paying taxes to vote? or own property?

    Why do you want to give in to a little tyranny?