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Tea Party “Stop hiring!” Story Takes Off

The “Tea Party To Businesses: ‘Stop Hiring!'” story has really taken off. Even Stephen Colbert has covered it.

I didn’t get to be on “The Colbert Show” myself, but I was on “The David Pakman Show” this afternoon to talk about the tea party’s “Stop hiring!” message. Watch the video below.

I also talked to Rick Smith about the tea party story and much more on Friday. Listen to the interview here.

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  1. It’s nice to see your face 🙂 And can I just throw out here how it lifts my heart to see you listed on the DP website’s guest’s page as simply ‘political blogger.’ Not black blogger, or gay blogger, or vegetarian blogger…Maybe we are getting to a place where people don’t care about all the details, just ones relevant to the current topic of conversation!