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Digest for November 16th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for November 16th from 16:32 to 16:40:

  • Putting Marriage Rights to a Vote

    "The country's gradual movement toward marriage equality took a step further last week. Democrats in Iowa won a closely contested special election, which allowed the party to maintain their senate majority and essentially assured that no amendment to overturn same-sex marriage will be put to a vote until 2015 at the absolute earliest. That followed a New Jersey court's decision to hear a case that might replace the state's civil unions provision with full marriage rights."


  • Why We Need Occupy Wall Street

    "Today—the same day that New York’s Mayor Bloomberg had his cops clear Zuccotti Park—Richard Fisher, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, called for breaking up America’s biggest banks, calling them “too dangerous to permit.” Also today, Warren Buffett, in an interview posted on the Business Wire of Berkshire Hathaway, his company, continued his criticism of American plutocracy. “Through the tax code, there has been class warfare waged, and my class has won,” Buffett said. “It’s been a rout. You have seen a period where American workers generally have gone no place, and where the really super rich as a group increased their incomes five for one in this rarified atmosphere.”

    All of which suggests that Occupy Wall Street has already been a stunning success in changing the nation’s public discourse"


  • The Class War is So Over – OtherWords

    "You may have noticed the collateral damage. While CEO and Wall Street pay have soared, median family income, employment, and home ownership have all either flatlined or plummeted. College loans and mortgages alike are in default, along with Gross Domestic Spirit.

    Meanwhile the wealthy are taking a victory lap."


  • The Paradigm Shifts — In These Times

    "The establishment is worried not about the absence of clarity of message, as media elites insist, but rather the movement’s potentially broad reach. Occupy is a vessel for a spectrum of grievances that could unite heretofore divided struggles.

    Though the Occupy movement is only a starting point, it has already animated our political discourse. It is now common knowledge that in 2010, 400 individuals possessed more wealth than 155 million of their fellow citizens.

    Given such reality, Americans are weary of the stultifying obsession with deficits—a canard embraced by a Democratic leadership tone-deaf to popular will—and want strategies to revive the economy by taxing the rich and ramping up public investment."


  • After the Zuccotti Park Raid

    Driven from its iconic encampment in Lower Manhattan, the Occupy Wall Street movement struggled to recover its political footing – and find a new geographical center – but its success in changing America’s economic discussion can’t be doubted, says Danny Schechter. By Danny Schechter It was strange, after all these weeks, to be on the outside looking in at a new set of occupiers who were there because they have the guns and we don’t. When Mao said that “power grows out of the barrel of a gun,”…


  • Robert Creamer: Mayors Who Attempt to End Occupy Protests Are on the Wrong Side of History

    The one thing we know from history is that once a movement that is rooted in a demand for justice has taken root, attempts to destroy it with brute force almost always make it stronger. And those who attempt to destroy these movements almost always fail.

    This is a moment when mayors across the country need to look into their mirror, and decide which side they're on.

    Whatever their intentions, the mayors who have acted to end the Occupy protests around America over the last few days are on the wrong side of history.


  • Occupy Wall Street protesters have a point

    It’s about bringing economic fairness to America so that we can live up to our claim of being the land of opportunity.


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