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Kids & Keys In The Car?

First there was the kid in Virgina, missing and then found after being abducted following a double murder, when the SUV he was sleeping in was stolen.

Now this.

Key in IgnitionThree children went on a terrifying ride through the Bronx on Saturday after the minivan they were sitting in was swiped by a car thief, cops said.

The siblings father had just stepped out of the light blue Honda Odyssey at E. Tremont and Lafayette avenues in Throgs Neck about 12:30 p.m. to run into a pharmacy, police sources said.

A man noticed the dad had left the keys in the ignition, so he jumped in the van and sped away, the sources said.

But the bandit, likely not realizing three kids were sitting inside, ditched the van just four blocks away near Otis Ave. and ran away, sources said.

I guess the father left the freaking keys in the car, said Victoria Roldan, 54, who owns New York Hair Salon on the corner.

How do you leave keys in your car? It only takes a second. Thank God the kids didn’t get hurt.

In both cases, the vehicles were easy to steal because the owners “left the freaking keys in the car.” They also left their freaking kids in the car with the freaking keys. Now, a wannabe car thief will notice the keys in the car, because he’s looking for just such an opportunity. After all, keys-in-the-car means that the car is probably unlocked. What could be easier? (Well, if the car was left running, that would be easier.)

<p>They probably won't notice the kids in the car, because they not looking for <em>them</em>. In both case, it's likely the thieves didn't notice the kids in the car, because they weren't expecting kids to be left in the car. Keys? Yes. Kids. No.

I can only reiterate what Ms. Roldan said. How do you leave the freaking keys in the car? That’s mind boggling in and of itself. But there’s another question begging to be asked. How do you leave the freaking keys and your kids in the car? It’s dangerous enough just leaving the kids in the are, if you ask me. There’s just too many things that can happen.

<p>Parker sometimes volunteers to stay in the car when I'm just running into a store for something, but I never take him up on it. When he asks why, I tell him, "Because I'm your Dad, and it's my job to make sure you're safe. They best way to do that is to take you with me." It's not rocket science. He get it.

Even when Parker was younger and fell asleep in the car, and when Dylan falls asleep in the car now, we wouldn’t even consider leaving them asleep in the car — let alone with the keys in the car too. Who does that?

Well in the case of the two-year-old in Virginia, there’s a plausible explanation.

Neighbors, meanwhile, described the home where the shootings occurred as a place of rampant drug activity, where 10 to 15 people people ‘move in-and-out, lots of activity, and lots of violence.’

On Sunday morning, CBS 6 interviewed Vickie Worton, a 30-year friend of the female victim.
…The department’s last advisory, sent before 11 p.m. Saturday, said investigators continue to search for Clemons, who’s wanted for child abduction after he nabbed a car during his departure from the scene, which had a 2-year-old boy, Kaiden Burnside, in the back seat.

Police recovered the abandoned vehicle, with the boy inside and unharmed, before midnight at the Sir Moses Montefiore Cemetery off Jennie Scher Road.

Worton said she saw the boy’s mother come sprinting from inside the 35th Street home Saturday evening, distressed and contacting 911.

For the love of peace. Even your just running into the store — or the crackhouse — for less than a minute, take your keys and your kids with you.

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