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Just Like On TV….

Looks like somebody took those Volkswagon “test-drive” commercials a little too seriously.

One Wisconsin man’s idea of a test drive didn’t sit well with a Madison dealer after the 47-year-old motorist took the car on a 150-mile trip around Milwaukee – and didn’t bring it back, police said on Thursday.

“The driver maintained that ‘You just don’t take it for a 15-minute test drive’,” Madison Police Officer Howard Payne said. “In my opinion, his explanation was not reasonable … because he did not bring it back.”

Madison police arrested Robert E. Clark on a charge of operating a motor vehicle with consent of owner on Dec. 30, Payne said.

…Police said Clark drove the car to Milwaukee and returned to his home and not the dealership, both in Madison. His “test” drive was about 150 miles, Payne said.

Clark told officers that he took the Nissan to Milwaukee to secure funds to actually pay for the car, and did have every intention of returning the vehicle the following day, according to the police report released Thursday.

But, police got to him first and spotted the Nissan parked outside his home.

Well, at least he didn’t go to Vegas.

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