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Obama’s Greatest Hits?

OK. I love old R&B music just as much as president Obama does. I sing along with Aretha Franklin, Al Green, and Dionne Warwick all the time — at home, in the car, etc. I get it. I do.

But will somebody on Obama’s campaign staff please tell him to stop singing in public? Mrs. Obama, can you speak to your husband about this? [Via TMP.]

It’s not that he’s bad. Frankly, I’ve heard a lot worse. It’s not even about reinforcing the stereotype that all black people can sing and dance, though when it comes to the latter Obama is actually pretty good.

Mrs. Obama’s better, tho’.

Fine, but we gotta draw the line at the singing. It doesn’t come of as … well … presidential. I understand that perhaps the president wants to counter the impression that perhaps he can’t relate to “real people, but this isn’t the way.

And it isn’t his biggest problem. Has seen the Republican slate? Outside of a country club or a Klan meeting, they aren’t all that easy for most voters to relate to.

Besides, I have  two word argument against any further musical pursuits from Obama: Herman Cain.


Stop it.

(And, please, don’t anybody tell him about Etta James just yet.)

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