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Digest for December 5th through January 4th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for December 5th through January 4th:

  • Newt the Destroyer | Mother Jones

    "Newt Gingrich has finally reached his destiny: destroyer of the GOP.

    In a bitter and spiteful concession speech last night in Iowa—Kanye West could do no worse—the former House speaker, who finished fourth, signaled a shift in his mission. He would no longer be running to obtain the Republican presidential nomination; he would be campaigning to obliterate Mitt Romney. He would be Sherman; the former Massachusetts governor would be Georgia.

    If Gingrich does pursue this march—and there are two debates this weekend in New Hampshire in which Gingrich can be a suicide bomber—Gingrich will be reaching the peak of his 30-year career as a Republican demolition man. And now his target will be the candidate the GOP establishment believes possesses the best chance of unseating President Barack Obama."


  • The Hypocrisy And Stupidity Of The GOP’s Hatred Of The EPA – Forbes

    "GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum has taken advantage of his newfound popularity to get on board the Republican war against clean air and water.

    According to Santorum, the new EPA rule that will finally place limits on how much mercury the nation’s coal and oil fired power plants can spew into the air —a regulation specifically created to protect young children and developing fetuses from the damage known to be caused by mercury, a dangerous neurotoxin—will shut down 60 power plants in the US and is “not based on any kind of science.”


    Indeed, the only thing not based on any kind of science is Santorum’s determination that causing some private power plant operators to install the technology required to stay within the new emission limits is more important than the estimated 11,000 premature deaths and 130,000 asthma attacks that will be prevented each and every year as a result lowering the level of mercury in the air."


  • Rick Santorum? Mitt Romney? Why the Iowa Caucuses Don’t Matter – Leslie Marshall (

    "The bottom line is, I’m not worried. I’m not worried about who wins Iowa and I’m not worried about who is on the GOP platform because at the end of the day, the American people who don’t want their Medicare slashed, who don’t want to go to war with Iran, who don’t want to sit back and let people be slaughtered in places like Libya or Egypt due to isolationism, who are realists about the Middle East and the inevitability of a two state solution and who are studying facts, such as the economy is turning around and the unemployment rate is slowly coming down know there is only one guy for them. And that is the very man who is sitting in the White House, the man who we still count on for hope and change, not some consolation prize.

    Remember the Republicans wanted anyone but Romney, and if Romney is on that platform, they’ll marry a guy they wouldn’t even ask to dance this past year; because they want anyone but Obama. And if they’re among the middle class, they’re cutting off their nose to spite their face, or cutting their own benefits to spite the Democrats."


  • Race, liberty and Ron Paul – 2012 Elections –

    " By equating the Civil Rights Act, which expanded American civil liberty, with the Patriot Act, which reduced it, on the grounds that both are federal laws with sanctions, Ron Paul displays the moral idiocy of someone who declares that a person who pushes a little old lady out of the path of a bus is just as bad as a person who pushes a little old lady into the path of a bus, because both are equally guilty of pushing little old ladies around."


  • Robert Creamer: Iowa Results Bad News for GOP

    "To maximize their odds of reclaiming their hold on the White House, the Republican establishment believes they need two things:

    • To nominate Mitt Romney;
    • To effectively end the Republican nominating process as soon as possible.

    Last night's results from Iowa lower the odds they will get either.

    In fact, what we saw in Iowa last night was the Republican base gagging on the presidential candidate the Republican establishment is trying desperately to cram down their throats. "


  • The Stop Online Piracy Act: Class War in Cyberspace | Truthout

    "The One Percent and their employees are masters of word play. They turned the estate tax into the "death tax," life-saving health and environmental rules became "job-killing" regulations and, of course, when it comes to taxes, the richest of the rich are now "job creators" who are supposed to be exempt from paying taxes.

    Given this track record, it is hardly surprising that a bill that would require every web site in the country to become unpaid copyright enforcement officers for Time Warner, Disney and The Washington Post comes packaged as the "Stop Online Piracy Act." While the name may lead the public to believe that Congress is trying to keep our email pure and our computer screens safe, the real story is that the One Percent are again trying to rig the rules so that they get as many dollars as possible from the rest of us."


  • Send In the Clueless –

    "Think about what it takes to be a viable Republican candidate today. You have to denounce Big Government and high taxes without alienating the older voters who were the key to G.O.P. victories last year — and who, even as they declare their hatred of government, will balk at any hint of cuts to Social Security and Medicare (death panels!).

    And you also have to denounce President Obama, who enacted a Republican-designed health reform and killed Osama bin Laden, as a radical socialist who is undermining American security.

    So what kind of politician can meet these basic G.O.P. requirements? There are only two ways to make the cut: to be totally cynical or to be totally clueless. "


  • The Long Road to Marriage Equality – OtherWords

    "Won the battle,
    Cheers galore;
    Now we need
    To win the war.

    With the legalization of gay marriage in New York, Iowa, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and the District of Columbia, plus other forms of recognition elsewhere, it's easy for straight folks to assume that equality has been won.

    Not so. Discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation still prevails in most of the country."


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