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Digest for July 27th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for July 27th from 16:41 to 16:52:

  • What’s wrong with Mitt Romney? –

    "I’ve written that Romney’s many gaffes reflect his enormous sense of entitlement and lamentable lack of empathy. Surveying British Olympics logistics, he felt entitled to hold forth on its flaws harshly, because that’s the sort of thing he did at Bain Capital. Perhaps Romney thinks the British should have outsourced the Olympics. Or maybe he sees an opening for a leveraged buyout, to make it more efficient. At any rate, the guy who said, “I like to be able to fire people who provide services to me,” is a guy used to mercilessly appraising a situation and delivering a slashing verdict. He clearly feels he’s entitled to do that anywhere.

    But could it be more than entitlement and an odd personal style? I’ve found myself wondering over the course of the campaign whether Romney has some kind of personality disorder, so dissociated does he occasionally seem from the well-worn routines of normal human interaction. Maybe we should be asking to see his medical records and not just his tax returns. I don’t mean to be flippant about that or insensitive to any kind of problem he may struggle with. But his struggles are our struggles; he’s running to be our president. There is something very odd about Mitt Romney."


  • Mitt Romney Snubbed By UK Government As Cabinet Minister Tells HuffPost ‘Our Heart Is With Obama’

    "Mitt Romney fails to resonate with senior Conservative Party figures, most of whom have a much closer connection to Barack Obama, a Cabinet minister has disclosed to The Huffington Post on Friday. Their comments will add to the sense that the presidential hopeful's trip to London on the eve of the Olympics has been something of a PR disaster for the Republican party.

    "Our head is with Romney, but our heart is with Obama," the senior Tory told us, the day after Romney caused outrage in London by suggesting the city wasn't prepared to stage the 2012 Olympics. "Romney would be a fantastic CEO president but in our hearts there's connection that we all have with Obama," claimed the cabinet minister. "


  • Romney Camp’s Fondness for England Has Racial Edge | The Progressive

    "The Romney camp is engaging in race-baiting.

    A Romney adviser recently implied to the London Telegraph that race was partly responsible for President Obama not completely grasping the “special relationship” between the United States and England.

    “We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and [Romney] feels that the special relationship is special,” the adviser said. “The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have.”

    Mitt Romney has denied the comment, and his campaign claims to be working furiously to contain the fallout. (Joe Biden has subjected the remark to withering criticism.)

    But the statement fits snugly into a broader GOP racial framework. The Republicans have been playing the race card with reference to Britain and Obama for a while now. Last year, Mike Huckabee provided an example on talk radio."


  • Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community

    " The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, just mocked Mitt Romney in front of more than 50,000 people attending the Olympic torch-lighting ceremony in Hyde Park. The Epic Fail is complete. He can do whatever he likes for the rest of his tour, but all anyone is going to remember is that he made himself a detested laughing stock in less than 48 hours abroad. "


  • Romney’s Disastrous Trip Abroad

    "At the beginning of this week, I argued that Mitt Romney had nothing to gain from going abroad. If voters put him into the Oval Office, it will be because of discontent with the country's economy. Few people, especially undecided voters, are interested in what Romney has to say about foreign policy. Insofar as they even have opinions on it, they are most likely to agree with President Obama’s approach. For Romney, I argued, a foreign trip was high risk, low reward.

    So far, everything in Romney’s trip has confirmed that assessment. In less than 72 hours, Romney and his team have offended British prime minister David Cameron over the country’s Olympics preparations, lied about or revealed confidential conversations with the Australian foreign minister, confused Russia with the “Soviet Union,” attacked President Obama with an oddly racialized criticism, and suffered the ridicule of 60,000 Britons. The Romney team began this trip with hopes that Romney would emerge as the picture of a seasoned, committed statesman. Instead, he looks like an amateur at best. At worst, he looks like a buffoon."


  • James Holmes: There, We Said It

    "James Holmes was so determined to cause harm to others that stricter gun laws wouldn't have stopped him. But it's also clear that the death count would not have been so high had he not owned a semi-automatic weapon. The reason there were not more casualties is that Holmes' semi-automatic jammed, leaving him with a far less deadly weapon to continue his rampage.

    Is allowing citizens to own semi-automatic weapons worth the increased capacity for harm? It’s a debate we need to have—fiercely and openly. Instead of hashing this out, though, it is easier for those on opposing sides of the issue to agree that Holmes was a bad guy and that we should feel sorry for his victims and somehow “honor” them with our sorrow. But that's about as useful as agreeing the sky is blue. In effect, what it does is maintain the status quo, which makes it unsurprising that among those saying we should stick to grieving are the NRA and its supporters.

    The truth is that none of us is likely to remember the names of the victims of the Colorado shootings in ten years—in the same way few people remember the names of the Oklahoma City bombing's victims. But we can choose to make it more difficult for murderous minds to kill. Or at least we can talk about it. Whatever we do, it will matter very little to the victims of the next shooting whether or not we used James Holmes's name."


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