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Olympic Heat, 2012 – Pt. 2

Like I said before, when I thought about making a list of the hottest Olympic athletes, I didn’t take into consideration how many athletes there were, from all over the world. I didn’t take into consideration that it might be impossible to look at them all, let alone figure out which ones are worth of notice. I’m only up to Hungary, and I’m not sure I’ll make it through all the countires.

That said, I’ve discovered one up-side: learning about a lot of good looking guys I’ve never heard of before. (Of course, looks aren’t everything, as we’ve learned from Ryan Lochte.) After the jump are ten more of my personal picks for “Olympians to watch.” No, not watch out for, or watch compete. Just watch.

There may be one or two who actually fell just short of competing in the Olympics, but they each still got a “10” from me.

(Click on any of the pic below to launch a full screen gallery.)

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