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Olympic Heat, 2012 – Pt. 3

Is it me, or are we learning more about the Olympic Athletes than we have before? Apparently, Michael Phelps has a girlfriend, and secretly pees in the pool. (Cut him some slack. The guy has hardly been out of the pool for 12 years, and he’s gotta go sometime.) And, just as I thought, they’re keeping that 11-block, $1.5 billion Olympic Village rockin‘.

“Anyone who wants to be naive and say they don’t know what’s going on in the Village are lying to themselves,” one former gold medalist and veteran of two Olympics told CNN of his previous experiences at the Games so you can. “They know, the officials know, even the media. It’s not a secret, everyone knows!

“(Sex) is all part of the Olympic spirit. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) wouldn’t say that, but it is, you can’t shy away from it. Why do you think they give away so many condoms?”

The Athletes’ Village at the Olympic Games is a unique environment: Nearly 3,000 tightly-packed apartments, containing over 10,000 of the world’s finest athletes who have traveled from more than 200 countries around the world to stay for a two-week sporting jamboree.

A potent mix of fit, body beautiful, young people — many of whom have abstained from sexual intercourse as part of a disciplined training regime — being in the same place, at the same time; cocooned from the outside world by tight security and often reveling in the glory of success and attention of devoted crowds and the world’s press.

Of course. I mean, chances are those Olympians have some Olympic crushes of their own. The Guardian is inviting readers to share their Olympic crushes. Here are a few more of my own.Click the images below for a full screen gallery.

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