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Digest for November 16th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for November 16th from 13:15 to 13:23:

  • Romney’s Comments in History – The Daily Beast

    "It's almost too easy piling on Mitt Romney's foul comments from yesterday, but hey, I'll do it. It's amazing that he can think of government programs to expand opportunity as "gifts." As a friend of mine wrote yesterday, in other circles, like most of America, as ways to help people better their lives."


  • Goodbye to Barney Frank

    "For The Advocate, I conducted an exit interview with Barney Frank, the first voluntarily out LGBT member of Congress. I needn't tell Prospect readers that Frank has had an incredibly distinguished career as a legislator on behalf of the downtrodden, progressive attack dog, gay advocate, and master of the withering soundbite. Before I went, I told my wife that my goal was to be told a particular question was "stupid" fewer than three times. In fact, I didn't hear that once. Do we need any more evidence that imminent retirement has mellowed the man?"


  • From the 47% to ‘gifts’: Mitt Romney’s ugly vision of politics

    "When Romney thinks he’s behind closed doors and he’s just telling other people like him how politics really works, the picture he paints is so ugly as to be bordering on dystopic. It’s not just about class, but about worth, and legitimacy. His voters are worth something to the economy — they’re producers — and they respond to legitimate appeals about how to best manage the country. The Democrats’ voters are drags on the economy — moochers — and they respond to crass pay-offs.

    Romney doesn’t voice these opinions in public. He knows better. But so did the voters. That’s what you see in the overwhelming rejection Romney suffered among African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and young voters. They sensed that Romney fundamentally didn’t respect them and their role in the economy, and they were right. "


  • We the People: Why Your Secession Threats Are Irrelevant – Jack & Jill Politics

    "You people are crazy and your secession threats are irrelevant.

    States are not allowed to secede the union.
    Citizens do not own what belongs to the United States government.
    Citizens cannot declare that their state [Wisconsin, Texas, Alabama] is now a separate sovereign nation because the guy they voted for lost.

    And seriously, you want to secede? Can we talk about how the states with the most signatures to secede took millions in federal funding? But we knew that already (see: 47% who don’t pay taxes reside in predominantly red states)."


  • Justice for Savita | The Nation

    "Women’s lives suffer when they are forced to carry pregnancies. I thought I was angry when I read this research. But then I heard about Savita Halappanavar in Ireland, whose tragic story reminds us of the worst thing that can happen when women are denied abortions."


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